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Please Help What Can You Do To Make Acne A Lot Less Red?



I am on a NO MAKEUP skin diet :b so in that case I am only wearing eye makeup, and no foundation due to reading the makeup i've used for years has inflammatory ingredients and some most people are allergic to like bismith. :/ pisses me off they put bad ingredients for skin to cover acne which makes more acne covered by more makeup. Such an annoying repetitive cycle! But I have been a 5 days no makeup so far and am seeing some results. My skin doesn't look to haveas many clogged pores on my cheeks. I have red ance marks and a few pimples right now, my boyfriend sees me with out makeup a lot but of course I hate my acne and want to at least tone it down. I have tried tomato juice/cucumber juice, green tea, witch hazel. ice, but my marks still persist. My skin is some what fair and they stand out a lot. :/ PLEASE HELP

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Benzaclin is a good prescription to start with. It dries your skin and causes major exfoliation, but after two months the finished product is flawless. No red blotches guaranteed, unless you have very fair skin. In that case I still recommend benzaclin but probably no to Retin-a. Taking an oral anti-bioti like Keflex has worked wonders for me. My daughter says my face looks red all the time. I know its from topical tretinoin (generic Retin-A). I don't mind having a red face as long as I am free from acne's terrible grasp!

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