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Accutane Progress

PJ the DJ


Hello my fellow acne sufferers! I recently started accutane and figured I'd start a blog on here with my progress. Ive been coming to this site for many years but never got around to making a profile but I finally have. Im going to be taking pics and videos of my progress on accutane for you guys and for myself to keep track. I'm a 21 yr old male 168lbs and am currently on day 13 taking 20mg a day. I know its a small dosage. My dermatologist originally prescribed me 60mg a day but I took accutane back when I was in high school and i took either 60 or 40mg a day (i dont remember lol) and my face got (and i know its a side effect) SUPER RED and tight. I hateee redness so i ended up stopping it. But now that I've started again I asked her to put me on a lower dosage and ill be honest she said to take 40mg a day but Im only taking 20 because I dont believe my acne is "severe" however it is moderate and can occasionally get close to severe but I'm going to up my dosage to 40 soon. Im already seeing changes! First of all what makes me so happy is that its really starting to reduce my OIL!!! Sooo happy about that. My face gets extremely oily. Im not talking about like a shiny face oily but like looking like someone just rubbed bacon grease all over. People would ask me if I was sweating or just why my face is so greasy. I HATE that. Its like I'm aware thanks for telling me something Ive known for years bro! Lol w/e but yea I'm really excited that I dont have to go to the bathroom EVERY hour to use oil absorbing sheets its great. And the redness isnt much more than it usually is I'm using jojoba oil and Aveno Ultra Calming Lotion and I think that combo is doing the trick for the redness. Although my face looks pretty red in the pics its not as bad as it looks most of the time. But either way Im going to finish the course this time!

I apologize this is really long but I have alot to say. I never really get to talk to people about my acne so it just kinda sits inside my head. Anyways I think I'm experiencing an initial breakout because my forehead is getting pretty bad. Kinda sucks I have a lot of cysts that hurt. I hope they go away soon. Anyways I think thats it for tonight. Let me know if you have any questions or advice! Thanks. And good luck my fellow acne sufferers! Heres some pics I took two nights ago and tonight. These are horrible pics of me btw I look ugly as hell and no I'm not crying in them I have something stuck in my eye right now so its making them red and the others.... well I was enjoying some "plants" before I took the pics haha so dont judge me.


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Haha I didn't have to do it every hour but I would roll my face on paper towels everyday at work just to see how much oil it absorbs.

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Haha I didn't have to do it every hour but I would roll my face on paper towels everyday at work just to see how much oil it absorbs.

Lol yeah I mean I didnt make it to a bathroom every hour of the day. But my face would be an oil slick within an hour or 2 even if I'm just sitting in class. It sucks haha

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