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Starting Regimen!



Hello everyone, I'm new (: I have been researching and reading up about the Regimen and I feel very Hopeful about it working, I'm going to attach a Before pictures of day one... I have literally tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne, Heres my story

I started getting Acne around 14-15ish... It was on my forehead and stayed in just that area for quite awhile,

Then I started to get some here and there around my chin, Then Breakouts on my Chin, and Chest and Back

I went to a dermatologist and She prescribed tretinoin cream,

It Dried out my face but Did not work,

Then I was prescribed Doxycycline

And I didnt really see a change except I got Funky Side effects and Had to go off it,

after awhile Breakouts started appearing on my cheek, and my chin and forehead blogentry-185465-0-60250600-1350189112_tblogentry-185465-0-12836200-1350189131_thad cleared,

I tried Natural remedies Like Coconut Oil, Yogurt Masks, washing my face more..

I DO NOT pop my Zits unless they are pretty bad, I tried Steaming my face, using Epsom Salt,

None of these really worked,

.I had my breakouts under control until a few months ago When I started using Revlon Colorstay Foundation... Within a week My face was SO BAD, Acne Everywhere and I still cannot get my face back under control, Its a wreck...

Im really Hoping the Regimen will work for me, Ive read and watched a ton success stories and I hope I will join them!

Wish me Luck ~


I think that the regimen will work nicely for you. I want to encourage you to be patient though. I have learned that the regimen works great for acne, especially moderate to even severe. However, it takes time. The first month, my skin burned so bad, it felt like I had a BAD sunburn on my face, and it was SO DRY! Like I was seriously shedding skin like a lizard. I was also still breaking out a lot, and essentially, I did not see any marked improvement in my skin until about week 6. Then, one day, I said, WOW, my skin is getting better! It's a SLOW process. But the regimen, I believe, is an excellent answer to acne for people who have persistent and stubborn acne and have the patience to find a solution that will work for the long run. Let me know if I can be a support in any way through your regimen journey! I am in my 10th week starting today, and I am SO glad I stuck it out. My skin is about 75-80 % clear...I believe in the regimen. Good luck!

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