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My Roaccutane Journey... Day 38



Day 38

Today I feel like absolute crap!! I was sooo tired and lethargic all day and still feel like doing nothing!

I was so tired that I didn't even pick my daughter up from school today, (took her though) my husband did it. I also got him to crack my neck, he did both sides today and yesterday, I can still feel the tension in my neck. The only good thing is I don't need to pay a chiropractor. smile.png

I have a headache/tension headache/migraine my eyes have been very sensitive to light today, more so than usual. And it's grey and cloudy in the UK. WTF? My vision was blurry today. I do usually suffer with migraine's but have never had blurry vision until today.

I don't get migraines often and usually only have light sensitivity and headache. Closing the curtains and no tv and no laptop for a few hours sorts me out. I don't even take pain medication. But today and yesterday I popped some co-codamol, (really strong pain meds) I used a hot compress which seemed to help. sad.png

I can feel a cold coming on too! I hope this blows over very quickly, I have shit to do!!


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I'm on 40mg once a day. I do take supplements as well... I just have to man up and deal with it.

I was going to go for a run just now (gathered the motivation) and it's raining. :(. Hopefully it will stop soon and I can run off the lethargy.


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