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Acne Cyst Remedies ?



Help! have a nasty cyst and want to know what others do to get rid of them! It just seems to keep getting bigger :(

I have been trying baking soda, ACV, and calamine lotion. I hope someone has some better ideas, it really hurts!!!


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Thanks for the advice!!!! I went to the derm yesterday to get more accutane so I asked them to inject it. I didn't think they would because they have said no before to some of my cysts so I am surprised/happy they did it! :) you are right it did go down overnight and is almost completely gone.

this is a reoccurring cyst so the only thing I am worried about is if it comes back again! seems like every time it does come back, it comes back even bigger :(

thanks again for the response!!!! I feel a lot better now!!!

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and the cyst is back..... :( going to the derm tomorrow to get in shot with cortisone again. How many shots is too many? I know people that have gotten several on one cyst before it ever went away. I just don't want a nasty scar

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