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Month 6 Accutane Day 185



Hey guys once again! It's been a really long time since I updated this blog so I'm sorry.

2 weeks ago my dermatologist told me I had to take Accutane for 1 more month, then I'd be done. Now I have almost 3 weeks left and I can now tell you guys that Accutane is a miracle.

My face has been 100% clear for 2 months! I haven't been like this since I was 12! 4 years of torture is now gone and my red marks are 85% gone, sometimes they're not even visible and I don't really care about them tbh, they are fading fast.

0 side effects (except dry lips lol) and excellent results. It took a while for my stubborn acne to go away but it did! I seriously wouldn't have thought I would have this much progress 3 months ago.

I'm very happy with the results, no complaints at all. For all those people that are using Accutane and want the IB to end, BE PATIENT!

See you guys next time! :)


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Wow good for you!

I'm in my 3rd mouth and im 95% clear , but I have all these red marks witch are look really red on a light/pale skin ..good to hear that they will fade though...!

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I'm so happy for you!

I can't wait to be where you are. My derm hasn't said how long my treatment will last. I'm on my second month of treatment, I'll be seeing her on the 24th of this month so will ask.

Hope it continues well after you finish with accutane. :)

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Thanks guys! :)

@andrewbleah yes, they always fade away. Even though I'm still taking Accutane my skin is recovering much faster than other people have said on the internet. Yours will fade too. I suggest you don't do anything to make them go away. For the past 3 months I've been washing my face only with water, nothing else, and I believe chemicals don't help with the healing process. Good luck!

@pr1nc355 yes I hope my acne doesn't come back! Your dermatologist might not be sure about when to end Accutane. Mine told me to take it for 1 more month to prevent future acne, so maybe it might take longer than expected. Hope you get results fast!

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Thank you man!

But if I recall you said you will use aloe vera on them, did you stop ?

Is so good to hear someone whos red marks fade on accutane,because everyone here said that they will fade slower, feeling so much better , I least I know there is hope!

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I used to use Aloe Vera (probably for 2 weeks) and I think I broke out a bit. It probably was nothing but I still didn't want to risk a longer IB so I stopped.

My red marks would fade faster if I wasn't on Accutane but I'm still suprized at how fast it healed! It depends on your skin type, just wash your face with water and use a moisturizer, nothing else. The less chemicals you put on your face, the faster the marks go away. :) But Aloe Vera is natural so it might help you, I didn't try it for too long, but you should try it.

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What skin type are you?

Didin't you mean skin color?cuz on accutane we all have dry skin.

I have light skin , will it take longer to fade?

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Why don't you add bio oil to your moisturiser, might help minimise scars. Thats what I do, down side is you won't see the results until after you stop your meds...

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@andrewbleah I have tan skin, my skin is very pale but it gets tanned very easily. I've never had a sunburn on Accutane even though I went windsurfing for a week in July, it all depends on your skin type! But when you're done with Accutane it's true that your scars heal faster. :)

@pr1nc355 I've never heard of that. I'd like to try it but I live in Turkey so they probably don't have it, or it has a different name. I don't have many scars, just some rolling scars that are visible in good lighting and it doesn't bother me a lot. Still, can you post the name of the oil you use? My uncle lives in the US so he might bring it to me if he finds it. :)

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Sorry for the very late reply. The oilis called Bio Oil, its pink in a clear circular container with a white lid, its marketed for healing scars, strecth marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, dehydrated skin....

It has something called PurCellin Oil...

As to if it works, I hope so. lol

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