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Bare Minerals / Bare Ecsentuals?



I have litterally come to the sad realization that my foundation/concealer may be my breakout problem. I have had acne since 7th grade. When I first got it -not being so bad and as i aged -getting worse and worse. I do not have huge cystcic acne, mainly little bumps on my forhead, chin, cheeks jawline, and those pesky small under the skin ones that like to hang out in groups of 2-3 smack in the middle of my cheek. Self esteem poblems have contributed to the fact that when my boyfriend would stay over (when we were first dating) I would sleep in the makeup, re-apply on bathroom stops, and continuously check my phone reflection if any redness showed. As most of you are thinking right now.. NO SLEEPING IN MAKEUP. Terrible, terrible right? Well I stopped doing that. Trying to aide my acne, I changed facial cleanser over and over, from murad, to acne free, to neutrogena, to natural remidies such as oatmeal TTO scrub, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, tumeric, eating garlic cloves, green tea, black tea toner, apple cider vinegar, egg white makes...ETC can't name everything or we'd all have beards by the time this was over. But what I realized last night is that this makeup by BE has been the only thing I have used consistently (because my mom uses it, it looks great, great coverage, SPF, matched my skin tone, easy to apply / reapply) since the 7th grade. I am now a Junior in HS battling acne and thinking it was what I cleansed my face with and ate that made the difference but I read that one day of irritant makeup can cause acne build up under the skin affecting me for two weeks and undoing all my hard work with cleansing my skin and taking care of myself. I read that some of this brands products contain Bismuth oxychloride (which I did not know what terrible for acne prone skin) cornstartch GMO (genatically modified corn on my face to dry up the oil I lack could not be good for my already dry skin) and iron oxides which are known to irriatate acne prone skin.

SO if your like me and have been using makeup for years with out thinking it was the cause do some research. Your cure may really be that easy.

I will try not wearing makeup (this is gunna be fricken. hard for me) for 3 weeks.

If I see change in my acne, or it clears up obviously this product is off my list !!


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