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I Have Acne And I'm Super Self Concious



I have acne on my upper arms. A lot of people would say that might be karotosis pilaris but I don't think it is because they're not big, hard bumps on my skin, they're little bumps on there that look like a zit and I've been fighting it for a long time. I use tazorac on my arms to help make it peel but I don't think I should do it very often because its been making my skin completely raw. I have no idea what to do. My dermatoligst gave me this Cera Ve moisturizing stuff to help with it but it doesn't really do anything. I'm a 14 year old girl suffering and I want help so bad! Is it keratosis piloaris? Some of the zits are way bigger than others but its all over my upper arms! Any advice?


Try a benzoyl peroxide body wash...might need a prescription but you may be able to find one at a retail store like walgreens or Wal-mart

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i used to get pimples on my upper arms too when i was a teen. and ever since then i have wiped my arms down with clearasil cleansing wipes. not the ultra ones, they're too expensive. just the regular blue and white bottle. the salicylic acid helps clean out the pore. i've tried the BP.. but that just dries the skin out too much and also bleaches your shirts. i would highly recommend getting the clearasil wipes and some of Dan's AHA+ from this site. it's amazing. cleanse your arms morning and night with the wipes, followed by a little bit of the AHA+. it will exfoliate and clear out those pores and moisturize as well. i have been rubbing this on my back, chest, and arms for over a year now.

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If it is keratosis pilaris then try applying coconut oil to it every day. Find out what it is first though, because if it's acne it'll probably make it worse.

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