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Days 36-56 (My Freaking Legs Are Peeling)



So, I'm getting joint pains, majorly on my knees and back.

That isn't too bad though.

The weirdest thing is that my legs are literally peeling. I tried applying lotion, but it does nothing. It's so bizarre, I don't think my legs have ever peeled before.

Another thing that has really been bothering me is that the inside of my nose feels dehydrated. I tried using lotion and oil but i ended up inhaling it or it didn't make a difference.

My vision is fine, my mood is the same, and I am having no other side effects besides peeling excessively and joint pain.

As for my skin!

It digressed a little ):

I broke out on both sides of my cheeks. Just two blemishes on each side, symmetrically (I always break out symetrically, it's odd), so I am a little disappointed by that.

Not that much news though, I'm headed to Halloween Horror Nights this weekend so hopefully my legs will stop this peeling ordeal.


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If you are willing to try a different lotion I would suggest Vanicream lotion, you can get it at Walgreen, it comes in a big scary box but it is the best lotion ever!!

hang in there!!

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