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Learning To Walk Again

Picky Nicki


Hi Everyone,

It has definitely been awhile since I have posted anything here. However, my absence is not due to traumatic experiences, or any difficult situations. Rather, it is due to the opposite.

Since I began another year at university I have found myself faced with two mirrors within four feet of each other I know its over kill but they're attached to the walls and I don't have much say in them being there. Also, there is a boy. >/////< He has actually been a major pillar of support with my picking, and just being with him calms me down to the point where I don't feel like picking. And he always supports me, even if I do pick.

I picked yesterday evening, and you know what? I have only two red dots that sit symmetrically on my cheeks. I have been using Mary Kay 3-1 combination facial cleanser and moisturiser. As well, I gently scrub my face in the evening with a loofa to lift the dirt out of my pores. My skin has never been softer, cleaner, healthier, or more radiant.

I am really,


Proud of myself.

Though I did go through a lot of struggles over the summer, I am and know I will be, continuing down a very good road.

Thank you for listening,

A New Picky Nicki

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wahhh progress<3 I'm proud of you too :D! keep us up to date about that potential boyfriend too eh eh eh? :>

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