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B5- Tips And Questions To Consider



My fellow acne sufferers... I just wanted to point out a few things that perhaps b5 experimenters failed to understand when they decided to add b5 towards their cure for acne.

For those of you who didn't see results and gave up-- let me just say a few things and raise some simple questions:

1. From my own personal experience with b5, and from what research I've done- b5 works in 2 different ways- all depending on the person. For some, b5 becomes their quick fix. Meaning, the person takes b5 religiously and within 6-7 days, they see a noticeable improvement. Case closed. The other type of person doesn't start seeing results until about the 1 month mark. So first question... did you give the vitamin enough time? And along with that, were you consistent in your daily b5 consumption?

2. After studying up on b vitamins (b5 essentially) as well as other water soluble vitamins,- research suggests that b vitamins (especially b5) should be taken first thing in the morning. Let me reiterate what I mean by "morning": if you go to bed at 10PM, then get those pills down around 7:30 to 8 AM with a light breakfast. This is crucial- and personally I can attest to this. Q. When (time) we're you taking b5? And along with that, make sure you take b5 at regular intervals and patterns throughout your week.

3. Large, fatty and greasy meals WILL interfere with the absorption of water soluble vitamins. But don't get me wrong, to prolong the vitamins absorption it's necessary to take b5 after a meal- but large (quantity) meals heavy in fat will hinder the vitamins full potential. Q. So, think back to your b5 trial days... what was your eating like?

4. Last question-- how many milligrams were you taking? Like it or not, most people see results after mega dosing. 500 to 1000mg a day probably won't cut it. If you gave up on b5 after only taking 500 to 1000mg a day- perhaps you should reconsider upping your dosage. (I didn't notice improvement until I took 8,000mg- daily.)

I raise these questions because b5 has done wonders for me- and continues to do so.. even after a year. I've suffered from moderate\severe acne for 10+ years... and B5 has helped. I just want the same for others. Sure, it's probably not for everyone- I just write this in hopes that you... or someone you know... didn't overlook something.

Best of luck!!

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