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Bad Acne ! & Scars Help Me Please! Freaking Out



Ok so I been doing research online about acne , scars , some of the treatments and I stumbled across this site. I really , REALLY , REALLY could use some advice ! So here it goes I been battling with acne for years now since I turned a teenager . I'm really get frustrated with it. I know I shouldn't pick with my acne because it can cause scaring , and create more bumps but it's really hard. I feel ashame and embarrased when my family catches me picking with my skin. I feel sad when i look in the mirror and see my face. What are some way's that I can stop picking with my face??? I dont want my face to be scared for life , but i can't stop picking at it!!!!!! wacko.png

Secondly I have a confession; I found Lorel Makeup Conceler in my mom’s magazine…it was a little packet sample. Foolishly of me, stupid me decided to take it and try it out just to see. I know I know I know I am NOT should NOT be wearing makeup because it could mess up my skin. I have acne and sensitive skin but when I read the back of it I saw it had some of the same ingredients on the back as my Clean & Clear so I thought….let’s just see how it would looks and then I’ll wipe it off real quick. I put it on….saw how it looked….and then washed it off quickly. But when I woke up the next day my face looked like as if it has been burned. Im so pissed off and mad at myself about it I haven’t gotten over it. I been washing my face, putting coco butter on it and it seemed to be helping a little. My face now isn’t as bad as it was before. I have a Dr’s appt on Tuesday but my question is what can I do until then to control my face? It’s so hard not to want to pick at it and I know I shouldn’t pick at it because it could cause scaring. I know not to scrub really hard cause it could cause scaring. I know that some soaps can irritate and make acne worse so I don’t wash my face with soap I use Clean & Clear only. Is there anything acne products you suggest that are affordable so I can let my mom know? Most of my acne has been caused by stressed and again I do have sensitive skin.

Any advice and help is VERY APPRECIATED IT !!! I don't want my skin to be ruined forver. >.<


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picking is just one of those habits you have to catch yourself from doing before you even start x:

keep your nails short, a lot of gross stuff can get under your nails and get onto your face easily.

wearing makeup isn't bad for your acne, it depends on the type. I wear makeup and I make sure nothing in it can contribute to my breakouts. anyway as for skincare grab a moisturizer from Target. Mine is the generic brand of a clean&clear dual action moisturizer and it was less than $4 for a bottle. I think a good moisturizer would be really soothing for your skin from the sounds of it. Anyway, I'm sure your doctor can prescribe some sort of medication for your acne, so no worries.

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Hi! I'm a 16 year old girl suffering from acne, so I understand how you feel. Alright first of all natural seems the way to go in my opinion. I have not gotten my acne cured or cleared but this is my advice to help you tame your acne and problem areas.

Try washing your faced with coconut oil (extra virgin) this has anti bacterial properties which can help to kill of bacteria as well as the oil moisturizing your face. As a toner, use a 50/50 ratio of apple cider vinegar to keep away excess oil and to balance your skins PH levels. A brown rice and/or / basmati / jasmine rice toner (made by using the water used to boil the rice or the water strained from rice to tone your face) it really relieves redness. Oatmeal ground up can create a wonderful mask for your blemishes to calm and soothe skin and aide in healing. Egg white mask can take swelling down and is healthy for skin (egg is the highest known natural thing with vitamin A which is what is in accutane so it can really help your skin if you do this once a day you let it dry on your face for 45 minutes and wash off)

Black tea toner to relieve sore swellin gunder the skin pimples.!

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stop the breakouts before you freak about the scars...try Amoxil...it works and further I would recommend benzaclin because it has the power of benzoyl peroxide and topical antibiotic in one slammin' cool gel (I keep mines in the fridge)....I think picking at zits is natural but focus on reducing the number of pimples you develop and there wont be hardly anything to pick at. I started an all out war on acne two years ago. Washing with anti-bacterial soap, using antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and topicals like retin-a. I keep my face bathed in anti-acne medications, and guess what...It worked! I now have almost zero breakouts. Be diligent and see a dermatologist so you can started filling those prescriptions. Good luck!

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