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My Acne Journal




This journal entry by no means represents an accurate scientific study of my 1 month endeavor. This personal experiment merely gives a rough estimation of my eating habits, behavior, and mood. Any statements that appear “concrete” only suggest a strong belief of my own and not to be taken as infallible. Consider the following for what it is: a strong personal opinion. Enjoy smile.png

Day 1

- I've been off vitamin b5 for over a month. Acne is now inflamed, and red- mostly around right side of mouth spreading to middle cheek. I can feel heat coming off my face around affected areas. Acne doesn't appear or feel like deep cysts, mainly whiteheads.

These are the things that have changed in my diet & life in the past 2 weeks that may have caused this breakout. Which one is MOST likely to be the culprit?- I've eaten mostly red meats and have drank a lot of milk with my whey shakes. Cutting all of this out. B5 was also cut out.

I'm going to cut out those foods and start back up on 6,000mg of Pantothenic Acid (B5) a day.

Day 2

acne is still inflamed and irritated. Mainly around mouth region. No deep acne

found. I will update tomorrow.

Day 3...

see no improvement, skin still aggravated, inflamed, red, blotchy,.. 5 or more new white heads this morning... but still all mainly around mouth region. What is causing this breakout? UPDATE: 4:34 PM inflammation seems to be going down, only real difference in today is I have drank A LOT of water, and have had no dairy except for cream cheese this morning.

Drinking green tea, as well as Acai all natural energy drink. Face still covered with pimples, but doesn't seem as bad.

Day 4

signs of improvement, inflammation down. no new whiteheads or pimples this morning. good sign. For lunch I ate Mexican with cheese. For supper I ate burger with cheese slice. chips. no coke, no milk, continuing my b5. Also one slice of birthday cake.

Day 5

no improvement- inflammation seems to have gone back up. Redness is back. A few new white heads this morning. could it be from the cheese i ate yesterday? the cake? the sugar? idk. b5 doesn't seem to be working. which is strange. b5 has always worked for me. maybe it takes longer for it to take effect then I realized? skin just looks.. bad. stressed. agitated. Took creatine today. And lemon juice. -- Applied raw lemon juice to skin. After 15 mins redness started to go down, so did inflammation. But face stung while using it. But worth it.

Was “forced” to eat out a mcdonalds- got chicken sandwich. only water. Keeping the b5 in my system.

Day 6

Have continued to take b5- not much is changing.

Inflammation seems to be present. New pimples I believe. White

heads popping up throughout the day. I have taken ibuprofen to

keep inflammation and redness down. It may be working slightly.

Ate out at o'charley's and had fried chicken strips. Drank

sweet tea for lunch along with home cooked food. Stress levels probably higher because I went on date. Oh how self-conscious I was. Hormones I’m sure out of whack.

Day 7

Woke up this morning to find whiteheads and acne

still just as present. But- mostly on right side of face. Left side

isn't bad at all. Went to Vitaminshoppe and bought 5000iu

vitamin D pills. Took first dose today on top of continual b5

supplementation. I'm looking for results! Ate out a Hardees, got

2 burgers. edit* almost 12am, about to take second dosage of vitamin

d. Looking for results within 5 days! Also,

noticed my hair is falling out. This must be a result of OD on b5. I'm going to cut it down to 8,000mg. Also washed face but it’s dried out bad. Applied moisturizer (Garnier) before


Day 8

woke up this morning- only 3 small whiteheads. no

new under skin pimples. skin appears slightly better. Is it my

imagination or has Vitamin D helped my skin overnight? I am

hopeful. Skin overall appears healthier. But Acne still very present. Things are starting to look up. edit* 10:22 PM large keloid on the left side of my jaw has come back. From probably 3 years ago. What is going on? Looking forward to results in the morning, applying aloe vera to skin- exfoliated- steamed, and cleansed face today.

Day 9

Woke up to find 3 whiteheads- and what appears and feels to be a medium size cyst under the skin. Skin is soft from aloe vera- some redness and inflammation is down. But acne is still very present. Still on b5, D3, as well as L-lysine x2, zinc and vit C. Trying to eat healthy. I'm not seeing a correlation between caffeine and acne. I've been completely off caffeine for 8 days. If so, I feel the acne should have gone down by now. Will shave today with electric to minimize skin irritation. Just thought of something: perhaps my testosterone levels are up because I've been working out my legs? I began running and leg building about the same time I noticed my acne. Could there be a connection? edit* It's about 10:30 AM, I feel like my face is just pulsing. Flush. Hot. Aggravated. 4PM, started 450mg of Saw Palmetto to help lower DHT levels (hormonal testosterone) and taking 10,000 IU of vitamin A, which was a key ingredient in Accutane but is considered OD-ing by some standards.

Day 10

signs of improvement. Things seem to be looking up. Acne still visible- but bumps appear to be shrinking and redness is starting to fade. Acne is also "itching" which I think is a sign that it's trying to heal. I believe most of the bumps are dead- it will just take time for them to shrink. Whiteheads present but I'm afraid to do anything to them. I don't plan on coming in contact with anyone so I may just leave them alone. I'm currently taking: B5 (8,000 mg), D3, L-Lysine (1,000mg), C, Zinc (100mg) , SawP, and A. The problem I will face is figuring out what helped since I am now on so much. Had pizza today, which is said to be full of preservatives so this might affect my acne. I also used BP on my face starting today. Rest of my skin looks great. It's just right side of my face, close to mouth. Something is still causing inflammation and redness under the skin. I’ve been so careful not to drink milk or caffeinated beverages. If the inflammation went away, my skin would look much better. So here's to tomorrow. *edit 11:13pm, skin is bad. Broke out it seems. Whiteheads, counting at least 7.

Day 11

acne still present, but like all mornings it looks better now then i'm sure it'll look in a few hours. BUT.. and here's the big but. I am not eating today. I have been fasting since 7:00PM yesterday, and I will continue to do this for as long as possible, at least until supper time tomorrow. If done correctly that will be a 48 hour fast. This will give my body time to heal, and give my digestive track a rest. My liver will work more effectively too. I'm getting desperate so, desperate times call for... fasting. Luckily, I got off caffeine like a week ago, so at least I won't get caffeine withdrawal headaches. I'm debating whether to continue to take supplements or not. Ahh, it’s decided, I'm not. Off supplements starting today.

Day 12

Finally starting to see some improvement. no new acne. Face is starting to dry up. I don't know if it's from the BP or from fasting for 37 hours. But it I had to bet I'd say it was the fasting. Curious to see how this all pans out.

Day 13

finished my fast around 11:30 Am, for a total 64 hours with no food. Hopefully this has given my body the break it needed to catch up with itself and fight off this acne. Acne this morning did not look as good as I had hoped. I honestly believe my body is still releasing toxins. One article I read even acted like it can take up to 70+ hours just to digest certain fibers. How long would it take to completely rid the body of toxins? Regardless, I've eaten nothing but raw carrots, steamed broccoli, fruit juices (apple & orange), fruit (grape, orange, strawberries) , aloe vera juice, almonds, raw peppers and avocados, eggs, & raw honey, I had to be easy on what I put into my stomach. Still off supplements.

Day 14

acne seems to be going away. left side of face is nearly flawless, right side is drying up and acne is dying down. 2 small whiteheads this morning that may have been left over from yesterday. inflammation down. had avocado, buckwheat, eggs plus b5, d3, and A for breakfast. Going to work out a bit to help blood flow. Also, starting yesterday, I've started to take cooler showers and when I wash my face- with cold water. Seems to be helping. Causes blood to stay more alkaline. Hot water causes blood to become acidic, a horrible environment for acne sufferers- me.

Day 15

acne is way down. better than yesterday. 3 small white heads, two which appear dead. inflamation way down. Still on B5, eating only healthy foods including sweet potatoes, ezekiel bread, eggs,. Intrducing weight lifting and exercise back starting yesterday. New acne marks still present though. Did bad today on foods for supper. I had butter, strawberry pie, icecream, bread, ranch dressing. Hopefully these foods won't make me break out. We will see!

Day 16

nothing crazy going on, 3 super small whiteheads. Old acne spots are still healing. My guess is that by friday morning my face will look much better. Will probably take another week from now for my face to look how it looked before all this started. edit* It's 12:22 PM, starting to notice what appears to be a small cluster of pimples forming on the right side of my face, slightly above the mouth. Could this be from the ice cream and bad eating yesterday?

Day 17

nothing crazy this morning. 1 new whitehead today. 3 old ones going down. I don't like to mess with them because theory is it makes acne worse. Didn't eat well at supper yesterday. “Forced” to eat at friends house and had BBQ. So chips, bbq sauce, breads, pie.. to name a few choices of food I had to eat. Acne seems a little more red today then yesterday. My guess is it's just more inflamed from foods I ate yesterday. Will try to make up for it today.

Day 18

well it's friday morning, and I still have acne. This is by far the longest battle I've ever encountered in the past year. My acne this go round is just extremely stubborn. It's like a certain area under the skin just won't stop breaking out. And as one heals here come 2 more friends. I mean don't get me wrong, my face is no where near as bad as it was 6 or 7 days ago, but it's not amazing either. I've noticed no considerable difference even with eating whatever I want. So. This is probably just a hormonal thing. I'll just have to wait it out. Here's my new prediction: This time next week, my acne will be better.

Day 19

Acne is looking better. But I want to try taking caffeine today. I'm going to take 1 scoop of jacked3d and see how my skin goes from there, say tomorrow or a few hours from now. edit* It's 4:00 pm, face broke out bad. So.. it may have been the caffeine after all. Other than that I haven't eaten anything else bad today.

Day 20

Acne a little worse. Especially on the left side of my face. 3 small bumps. And then that large cyst to the left side of my nose. But I think the b5 is starting to kick in. Because I had the cyst there yesterday, but it never erupted from the skin. And now it seems like it is dying down. This is pantothenic acid behavior I believe. Acne forms but really before it has time to do its damage, the b5 knocks it out. Let's hope this is what's taking place.

Day 21

New month. Acne appears to be getting better. But still, 2 to 3 small bumps still exist around the mouth. Upped the dosage of b5 slightly yesterday- may do it somewhat today as well. Applying Tea Tree Oil to individual bumps. Nothing too crazy to report. I'd say 5 pimples total, and a few under skin cysts. But reasonably small. Skin appears for the most part to be improving.

Day 22

So I did a little experiment yesterday. I ate hotdogs, chips, cheese dip, oatmeal, regular bread, mayo, ketchup, mustard, diff snacks like sugar coated popcorn ect.. bean dip, apple juice, even some chocolate; Knowing good and well that by morning my face would be broken out. To my surprise, 1 white head this morning. I'm not so sure that food has anything to do with my acne. *Edit- It seems within the past 3 hours, inflammation has increased, a few more small cysts have come up. Especially around the right side of the mouth. Face not looking good...

Day 23

Believe it or not, even after eating horrible yesterday.. even eating Chinese last night; I woke up this morning with 2 whiteheads. That's it. Everything else is dead or going down, or gone. The only thing that's really bothering me right now is my super dry skin and how flaky it is. I believe the Tea Tree Oil has been helping, and is also the cause of the dryness. But I've also increased my B5 to on average 5 to 6 pills 4x daily. That's 20,000MG a day. Maybe that's all it was. Maybe I just needed to increase my B5 dosage a bit. Will keep this updated, and if my prediction is right, by Friday morning my face should look much better.

Day 24

One white head this morning, BUT.. I feel a few things here and there underneath the skin that are semi painful. Which probably means a pimple or two are on their way up sometime today. That's always depressing because I felt like things were only getting better- until I felt these guys. Ate mexican last night, also applied aquaphor to my face at night which may have caused the upcoming breakout. Who knows. Once again, not seeing any correlation between what I eat and my skin. None. It looks like my prediction won't be accurate. Friday is tomorrow. My skin doesn't look much better. Yes, "acne" is down, but my face is horribly discolored and blotchy. Took Jacked3d at 11:40 AM-- if this stuff does hurt me, I should notice something around 4:00 PM like I did last saturday.

Day 25

Nothing on my face this morning. That's a first in about a month. Nothing seemed to pop up from taking Jack3d yesterday. And I'm actually taking it as I type this. Face is looking "good". Hope it continues on this path. My theory is, it takes b5 about a month to kick in. And so I'm probably feeling the effects from pills I took 3 or 4 weeks ago. Here's to a bright future. I'm not sure how much longer I will do this, I'll probably give it to next week, since it was about a month ago when I noticed my acne starting back. That means it takes me (personally) about a month to clear up my acne.

Day 26--------> 35

Face continued to clear up and I stayed on b5 ever since. Once again, b5 cleared up my skin. Before this process I tried eating “super healthy”, I stayed away from all acne aggravators- I drank green tea several times a day. I exercised, tried mediation therapy, I even did the unthinkable, I fasted. But it wasn't helping. And I never saw any real concrete evidence suggesting food had anything to do with my acne. Perhaps it’s because there's too much of a delay between what we eat and a breakout. But this is what I do know: Months ago when I was on B5 my skin was clear. And a month after getting off it was bad again. A “month” (give or take) after getting back on B5, and my skin is clear. Personally, I believe my acne is hormonal. I’m 24 years old and have dealt with moderate acne since I was 15. B5 helps control either my hormones or it helps eliminate the sebum. Either way, it helps. I hope this extensive read has been helpful in some small way.


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