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Day 46



I really thought I would have been one of those lucky ones who's skin would just keep clearing , err WRONG

Lately my skin has been getting worse , sucks , I wanted to visit my derm this tues (will be day 50) and for her to be like wow so much improvement , I'm getting my dose upped anyways to I think 40mg , I know I'm on a low dose but she claims it's not low for me as I weigh 43.5kg.

I dunnnnnno

Maybe I'm just impatient ?

Or maybe ill be one of those unlucky ones where it genuinely does not work.

I just keep BREAKING OUT no matter how much I sleep , eat well , look after my skin

I hate this


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Hi, I am on day 50 of my accutane treatment today; my skin has also been acting up the past week and a half or so. I have been on 40mg and weigh 75kg, though it does make me feel more confident now that I know you're experiencing the same thing.

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I'm taking my 50th day tonight , dose was upped today to 30mg ! U having your dose upped atall ? I weigh 43.5 kg so don't need to be on any higher than 30/40. My skins settled since my last post but Im sure that will all change haha but my derm said its looking beautiful which was nice ! :)

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