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Caveman/no-Wash Update 3 (Day 26)



Just to recap, I've pretty well been clear of inflamed/active acne since.. I guess 2011? At that point I'd still regularly get a few zits, and near the end of that year and into 2012 is when those periodic breakouts grew further and further apart until they no longer concerned me (a zit, maybe two, occurring maybe once a month or less). But during this time I still had issues with some flesh bumps/clogged pores, mostly on my forehead but also on my chin and a bit on my cheeks. My marks were also still quite prominent, although fading pretty well over time. I also was still dealing with some oiliness on my forehead and nostrils, a bit on my chin, but overall the oiliness was much less than when I was using products. I was also still having problems with dehydrated and flaking skin, especially on my cheeks and forehead (an issue which I'm sure exacerbated the flesh bumps and redness of my acne marks).

Now onto my progress....

Current Experience:

1) My oiliness seems to be better than it was last update, although it seems that when it does get more noticeable it seems to be when I don't change my sheets often enough (i.e. I need to change my bedding at least once a week, but often go a few weeks due to laziness) or change my pillowcase frequently (every 2-3 days or so).

2) No real changes in red marks unfortunately (I know, it takes time!)

3) After my last exfoliation, I didn't really notice any real flaking. I wound up exfoliating (same method - rubbing dry skin with dry hands) because I felt a bit tight and saw some MINOR flaking. This time around there was much less stuff coming off on my hands, especially on my cheeks! My face currently feels red and warm and I know my marks will look worse and I will likely appear oilier but... overall it seems like my skin is benefiting from ~1x a week removal of flakes. I don't know if these are new flakes that are forming due to my skin having to now adjust to not being rinsed (rinsing would remove some dead skin) or if it's just all the flaking I had during my water-only routine that wasn't coming off on its own now slowly coming off. Either way I will monitor the situation and I may exfoliate again next weekend if I see the need.

4) Clogs... it seems that they are now starting to appear more than they were before. Again it's not necessarily new random clogs forming but more areas that were already clogged, especially under the skin, coming up. But I've also been picking so... Thankfully they aren't even THAT bad other than on my chin (which is also still not bad, but to me it does seem bad enough to be annoyed by it). I also seem to be having issues on my nose bridge in regards to my glasses after working out. I don't know if it's the rubbing of the glasses on my face while sweating or if it's something else entirely. Hopefully i will be able to figure it out! Forehead bumps are also still there, but still less raised. They haven't changed much, at least not in my opinion. Some days they feel/seem more noticeable, other times barely so.

5) The couple if zits I had cleared up, no new ones other than some inflammation in a few clogs I picked (they did not become zits tho).

So that's about it. Overall everything seems to be going pretty well except for clogging, but I'm not even done a month so I'd assume that I just need to be patient. It could very well be that the minor clogging that is coming out is due to removing the flaking is "revealing" them and allowing them to "go through the motions." Still pretty happy on the regimen though, and hopefully in my next update I have even better news to share :)

1 Comment

I'm sort of ignorant concerning the regimen your following. I'm guessing the websites or? And maybe you are doing this I'm not sure, but I hear that lemon juice helps with red marks and dark spots. I'm considering trying it myself very soon. But someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that. Anyways, best of luck to you and your efforts!

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