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well, i thought about just sticking with retin-a .04, but it's simply not doing a good enough job. i'm easing into the retin-a .1 at night, just on my forehead for now, where the clogged pores are most problematic. i'm using it every other night and have been for the last week. no negative effects yet, so i'm hoping the clogged pores disappear with regular use. soon i'll switch to every night.

i wanted to wait to see the effects on my forehead (and also not deal with an initial breakout on two spots on my face, if it occurs) before trying the .1 on the lower half of my face, but...this morning i woke up and had a big inflamed bump on my chin. i'm not sure if it's a cyst. i hardly ever get pimples like this...usually if there's an inflamed bump it itches, almost like a hive. this bump doesn't hurt or itch...could it still be a cyst? i took some ibuprofen and am hoping it shrinks down quickly...

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Retin-a will definitely get rid of clogged pores, I've used it for years. Good idea to use every other day in the beginning.

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