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Anti-Biotics Running Out...



I think the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem...I overtake all my anti-biotics. Three per day is what my doctor prescribed but I really take six to twelve most days. Yes my skin is clear and that is why I am anti-biotic addict. I can't stop. I now have three prescriptions going simultaneously. Two for Amoxil and one for Keflex. I concoct stories to get more anti-biotics. The worst part of all this is that I run out because I take so many pills. When one of my bottles runs out, I fill another one of my scrips. I will never go back to the way my complexion used to look. Full of zits. I can't go back. I am afraid that my doctors will find out that I take so much antibiotic, but I will never tell. All advice is welcome.


I know I know...but it zaps the zits so totally...I have no idea what would take their place if I stop the overdosing...

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Amoxil....being honest with yourself is the first step so you should be proud of yourself for admitting that. With that said, please please please consider talking to your derm for other options. While acne sucks and is debilitating,getting a life threatening illness and not having antibiotics to treat it (because you've become immune to it) is worse.

What do you think the root cause of your acne is?

Have you tried diet changes?

How is your stress level?

Not saying this is the key (it wasn't for me) but it is worth a try.

Have you also thought of accutane?

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That is so bad for your digestive system! You have probably killed all the good bacteria in your body!!!! Thats not something you wanna do. You will become immune to these antibiotics if you do not stop!

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lol...I can't stop guys...my skin is so sweet when I binge...(gobbles down six more anitbiotic Pez...) I do drink probiotic kefir beverages so I think Im ok on the fauna...

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