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Acetyl-L-Carnitine + Vitamin B5 3 October 2012



Wednesday 3 October 2012

Start of Acetyl-L-carnitine + Vitamin b5 0.5 ml each.

a 0.5ml scoop works out at about 0.4grams and often the scoop is junked up a bit so prob just less than 0.4 grams.

After about the 7/8th of October i started to take ~0.4 grams about 3 times a day.


First week skin was getting better i would say moving from average to good bu then got some nastiesh spots in scalp again.

Some white heads on sides of nose.

Face generally good though.

Still sleep deprived.


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17/10/12 Wednesday

Skin has been bad last few days.

I had a clean shave on Friday - very bad idea - reminded me why i stopped wet shaving - lots of irritation then the classic outbreak of spots.

I have had lots of whiteheads appearing around my nose.

Bad spot/spots on side of nose/cheek.

One on forehead now fading.

Couple of white head on lower cheek and jaw line but could of been activated from shaving.

Couple of sore spots on lower back neck now faded.

Scalp as usual not bad but still there.

One painful spot in upper side burn.

WEEK 1 - Average to good.

WEEK 2 - Average to then bad.


I am run down - been on edge of illness last few days - sore throat beginnings of chest infection.

I have taken lots of Vitamin C last few days.

I have taken Echinacea last 3 days,

I have taken Vitamin D3 last 2 days ~5000IU

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Been ill last few days fever/flu sore throat then cold.

Immune system fucked.

Skin cleared up a bit from Weds to today - one small painful spot on usual place of chin - spots aroudn nose dying off - no new ones on forehead.

But - weird itchiness came back to stubble today and yesterday - slight red rash / lumps.

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13/10/2012 Weights - chest

14/10/2012 Running - sprinting - some brutal 800s murdered me

Then ill for whole week.

20/10/2012 Weights - chest

21/10/2012 Running


Itchiness/rash gone

Some prespot pain on chin and near nose - dont think will come to a head though

Prespot pain on upper forehead - dotn think will form spot either

PRe spot pain on eyebrow - more likely to form spot

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Bad pre spot breakout below bottom lip and between eyebrows/forehead.

Bad pre spot pain below bottom spot with redness

Pre spot pain and lumps and lumps under skin betwene eyebrows and forehead.

Possible reasons:

Chest weights on thursday

Ice cream few times during the days before.

Bad stress on Wednesday - HIGH STRESS EVENT.

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Started N-acetylcysteine [NAC] ~800mgs per day with other stuff.

ALready giving me hard core sulfur farts.

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~13 November 2012

stopped N-acetylcysteine [NAC] due to possible increase in Erythromelalgia

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Skin is average to good.

Spots still continue to come but not as bad.

Seem to be on a weekly cycle, might be sleep related maybe.

10,11,12 2 baddish spots came on either lower cheek. Went to white heads then died after a few days. One smallish whitehead on forehead.

One weird solid white head under skin on cheek.

14/15, 11, 12 weird painless spot / lump came on cheek.

16,11,12 Bad spot on left cheek - red / inflamed.

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