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Week 4



so today is the start of week 4. I just took some pics, I will upload them later.

It seemed like I broke out a lot the past week. I'll let you guys be the judge when you see the pics. hoping this purging process ends soon, or at least reduces. The good thing about the purging is that they heal really quick.

No new side effects to report. Lips are still dry but they seem better today. I'm honestly not as in love with Aquaphor as everyone else seems to be. It is good, but could be better. Gonna finish up the 2 tubes I have and move on to something else.

My back and neck has been killing me. Not sure if it's a combo of work and the weather or the pills. Sat in my massage chair last night and I feel much better today.

Got a couple pimples on my neck! Hate those. one was far back enough that my hair hid it. But the one right now is kind of towards the front and totally looks like a hickey. damn thing.

Ok, I'll post those pics tonight!

next derm visit Oct 11th!


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I am also on week 4 and am going to follow your posts to see how much we differ. (I need someone to go through this with) :)

Good luck on week 4!!

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I've been following your posts especially because we do them on the same day :)

Haha, well your a week ahead but it's all good, almost the same thing :P

Even on day 16 I saw improvement! Good luck gurl!

Ohh and BTW, why dont you just make the blogs with the pics? Why do them seperately? Just askin, not hating :)

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nbkyrww- i do apply the lip balm constantly =P prolly every 5 mins! haha

dino23- sounds good to me =) i would love to compare too! thank you, good luck to you too!

xjeff94x- haha well last week i did my blog on a tues before work so i didn't have time to do the pics too so i ended up doing them wednesday. so this week i decided to just blog & do pics on wednesdays since i don't work until later in the afternoon those days. but i felt like my skin looked like poop today so i didn't want to post them right away haha =/ i will definitely post them in the morning and next week i won't wuss out!

thank you, good luck to you too! =)

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