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Week 3



Week 3 I started to experience some dry skin. mainly on my chin, which is where about 1,000 black heads are. But it has been manageable, nothing really to complain about - I like having dry skin compared to oily! I only have 3 active pimples right now and they are drying fast! :)

I have also been putting calamine lotion on the spots and scars at night and sleeping with it on and I think it is helping. I have also been using Mederma scar cream.

Another thing, I am starting to get little spots on my arms of eczema, I believe, anyone else getting this? There are about 5 spots, doesn't really bother me I just hope my whole arms doesn't start to get it!

On to week 4......


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not really, I am just letting them come out. It is really gross, but also nice- because I have always had a chin full of blackheads. It is weird actually seeing my real chin! :)

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