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Intermittent Fasting



Hi everyone


basically i've had moderate to severe acne for about 4 years now (its been moderate for the last year) and as is the same with most people on here ive tried all sorts of pills and creams over this period. And i have also had a huge interest in diet, nutrition and exercise.

about 3 years ago now i did the basic 6 food elimination diet (milk, soy, egg, wheat, nuts and shellfish) and took vitamin tablets to replace the nutrients lost by not eating these foods.

after 2 years the diet made almost no difference so this is when i really started to do deep research into diet, exercise and how they link to hormones and overtime i began to realise ITS NOT ONLY WHAT YOU EAT ITS WHEN YOU EAT.

the modern diet in most people consists of 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and these are usually spaced over 10-12 hours and this has been the way for years and this is the pattern you are advised to stick to. but when you look at our diet in detail you realise what effect it is having on our bodies. when you have a constant supply of energy through food you are increasing the levels of a number of hormones in your system among which is the growth hormone IGF-1 which is widely considered to increase the rate of ageing in mammals. also the hormones testosterone and DHT. and what do all these hormones have in common, THEY ALL CONTRIBUTE TO ACNE.

so what should you, its simple reduce the window of time in which you eat and have longer periods of fasting. when you fast your body will reduce the levels of IGF-1 TESTOSTERONE and DHT as these hormones are responsible among over things for the creation of new cells but when you fast you body needs to preserve energy so instead of creating new cells it will REPAIR EXISTING CELLS. this is why fasting has been found to help prevent age related diseases such as alzheimer's and diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

something must also be said for what you eat. most of you that have done your own research will know all this but basically reduce intake of any wheat products whether you are "intolerant" or not it still has a negative effect on your body which i'll go into later. also don't drink and dairy products its not natural, and avoid sugars as much as you can. sugars and wheat products help maintain the growth of "bad bacteria" and fungus within the human body not only will their growth have a direct negative effect on your health but also as we all know and organism that eats also sh*ts and this is toxic to you body and can increase you susceptibility to illness. and suppress the immune system.

finally exercise. im starting to get tired of writing and your probably getting tired of reading so basically do some exercise, every other day if you can.

in conclusion fasting and intermittent fasting have a large number of health benefits and most importantly to all of us here can seriously help with the effects of acne. i really urge you to try alternate day fasting or reduce the window in the day in which you eat. I recommend 20/4 (20 hour fast , 4 hours in which you can eat) this is only a basic incite into the topic and you can do more research yourselves into fasting. i suggest you watch the bbc horizon show eat fast live longer on youtube. hopefully you have read this and please pass the info on to everyone you can on the site.