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Day 36!

So pretty much the same stuffs going on. I stopped the use of Bio-Oil as I do not want to make my skin oily. I really believe results are just around the corner as my skin is getting drier. My lips are so chapped I hate having to literally put lip balm on non stop like not one minute can I go without it. Im starting to get really dry pathces of skin on my body and I am moisturizing as much as I can. I still use the Basis Cleaner Clean face wash and that awesome Earth Sciences SPF 15 moisturizer with glycolic acid which I gotta say is totally brightening my skin. I never mentioned before that I use an eye cream everynight (gotta prevent wrinkles) Its this amazing brand called Mychelle. I use the hyaluronic acid eye cream which keeps my eyes looking fresh all day and night. I'll keep up with this blog until the end! Until next time!!!! Follow this blog too please!!!