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All Stories Should Start At The Beginning...

Let's see...I suppose the onset of my "adult acne" was around 10 years ago. Since then I have tried in vain to end, or at least manage the suffering from this awful condition. Between the MANY MANY OTC lotions and potions, laser resurfacing twice, and of course the topicals, cleansers, and oral antibiotics prescribed by multiple dermatologists my parents and I have spent around $25k. Throughout all of that, I am still left with painful cysts, blackheads, large pores, and oily!! I should also mention I'm a "picker" and though I'm terrified of scarring I cannot keep my hands off my face. Half the time I don't even know I'm doing it, I have even been told I do it in my sleep. The only thing I have found that stops me is to have an acrylic overlay on my nails. The added thickness to the nail makes it nearly impossible and eventually my subconcious figures that out and my habit ceases. So if any of you females have a similar problem...try that out. When all those aforementioned items yielded little results, I went holistic on my acne. I took boitin, vitamin A, E, prenatal, Mega Red fish oil, zinc, and aloe supplements every day, exercised every day, quit smoking, cut out alcohol and caffeine and gave up meat (except for bacon on occassion, I mean, what kind of psycho gives up bacon??) I did this for almost 2 years and these lifestyle changes did nothing for my breakouts. Next, I decided it must be related to stress, most of which I tend to create myself as I'm a bit over dramatic. I got a divorce and a prescription for Xanax...there's less stress now, but not less acne. I'm nearly 30 now and still walking around teenager skin. Those of the older crowd can understand how this feels and I sympathize with you I really do. I'm rational enough to know that my skin isn't as bad as others I have seen, but to me it's crippling. I cannot stand it when someone tells me, "it's not that bad" or "I've seen worse". These are the people who usually have never had more than 1-2 blemishes the size of a pin head around their cycle or never had any at all so for them to offer their unsolicted opinions is irritating. After exhausting all other measures, I made the decision to began accutane (clavaris) as a last ditch effort. I'm a major researcher of things before/during/after and after reading other threads I have decided to create this blog to detail my experience and hopefully I can provide help to someone in the future with their accutace adventure! Fingers crossed that I'm successful in mine.....