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Regime Week....?




I'm one happy chappette...

can tell you now that I have stopped taking all my vitamins, started eating dairy again (om nom nom), and my skin is clear! woop woop! I get the obligatory spot or two around about the same time each month when I stop taking my pill, so I guess that's hormone related, but apart from that it's improved so much. Loads of my family and friends have noticed that my skin looks a lot better :D

I'm not red at all now iv'e switched and been using Dan's BP for a while now. I really reccomend just getting it straight away- it's worth the money.

I'm currently using Dans cleanser too but about to try swapping it in for a botanics one to see how that goes as I can buy that in Boots.

Still using Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser and it works a charm.

trying the simple kind to skin vital vitamin night cream now as well for an extra moisture booooost.

I haven't been very good with my 10-12 hours apart timings as I have been in ibitha and all sorts so my sleep schedule has been a bit off...

but seems no worse for the wear so thats good!

will put an update picture in my gallery soon....

Good luck everyone!

Give it a try, it was the only thing that worked for me after dealing with bad skin for about 10 years!