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1 Month & 25 Days... Self-Induced Clearing Phrase 1



Okay. I got sick and tired of my skin. It is JUST A LITTLE BIT less oily after taking B5 for almost 2 months. But it stops there. I don't mind having oil on my face as long as I am acne-free but that's not the case. I am breaking out with whiteheads on my cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead. Okay, that sounds like almost everywhere on my face. Aside from those, I have around 4 persistent cystic acne on my forehead and brow area. They are not going away.

Anyways, so after (almost) using AHA along with B5 for 2 months, I have decided to do 2 things:

1) Getting rid of the whiteheads

I have been clearing my face area by area with a needle yesterday. I divided my face into three areas - primarily left side, right side, and the forehead. I cleared the left side of my face yesterday with a needle. I basically took out all the whiteheads/pimples from the left side of the face. There are probably a few persistent whiteheads that I didn't attempt. But aside from those few ones, I tried to get rid of most of them. I am just waiting for it to heal at this stage. I will wait for around a week to let it heal before I start taking out the rest on the right side of my face.

So far, my left cheek/chin areas are HORRIBLE. I look horrible with the scars and red spots. But I am trying to progressively take out all the whiteheads on my face. I am seriously not sure if this is still the purging stage. I see tons and tons of whiteheads on my face right now. They are not very noticeable before I popped it. But once there is light, you could see clearly that my face is literally all covered with bumps underneath my skin. I tried to leave them alone but they get inflamed very easily. Once they do, they become HORRIBLE pimples, or even worse, cysts.

2) Adding BP to my regimen

Okay, after using AHA and B5 for almost 2 months, I don't see any improvement. I mean, some of the areas on my face are more refined and I have less oil in comparison, but that's it. So I have decided to add BP to my regimen today.

Here's what I am going to do:


a) BP all over my face

b) toner and effaclar k + mat

c) Megadose B5


a) AHA

b) toner and effaclar mat

c) Megadose B5

I know I am a very impatient person. But let's give this another month time to see if this improved regimen will help clear my skin?

Wish me luck!


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You just made a really clue decisis. Adding BP rocks! You will see results I am sure. You are brave and strong!

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You just made a really clue decisis. Adding BP rocks! You will see results I am sure. You are brave and strong!

Thank you! I really hope this will work. :(

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bp makes many people's skin terrible after time. it also causes cancer when you use it for a long time and makes you look much older than you are in the long run. bottom line its not a permanent solution. many people see these bad effects within months of starting bp and they can last years and longer than acne scars. when i stopped it my acne got better. and the needle thing. i recomend not doing that because you are interfering with your skin. thats gonna make it more likely you get scars.

please try apple cider vinegar tonic on your face and 30 mg of zinc a day this helps a lot of people signifigantly. good luck

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