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Never In My Acne Career



Have I had this bad of skin. It's scaring me. I feel like my face is trying to warn me of something really big and bad happening in my body.

I have had swollen lymph nodes since January.. yeah. I went to my regular physician twice about 3 months apart from eachother and she gave me a Z Pack. Stupid intelligent doctors not using their full potential.

I'm going to call my allergist and set up a food allergy test, get referred to an endocrinologist and check out all that fun stuff and I still have no idea what to do about my severely sore throat due to esophagus inflammation.....

I am a wreck. So I need to straighten all of this stuff out before my skin can become anywhere near how clear I want it to be.

I am still very much itchy and am pretty sure that it is some sort of mite on my skin. Scabies, chiggers, demodex mites, whatever you want to call them I have become their best friend. I got rid of it almost completely until my boyfriend developed them from me and infected me again. WOOHOO.


I'm going to move to a desolate town and adopt 386528324021 cats and name them all Fred. And they will be my only friends so I can't get itchy from them. :l

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You are hilarious! Big smile producing blog entry. You have natural talent. I shall read each of your blogs henceforth just to cheer me up. lol at the bazillion fred cats. MEOW!

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apple ciderr vinegar drink it and apply it topically. 30 mg of zinc a day. u will see some improvment.spread the word.

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I went to my general physician about 3 times about the gland thing. Time to see a professional, an endocrinologist. And yes I'm trying to insinuate that my doctor is not a professional. I hate specialists at the same time too because EEEEEVERYTHING you have has to be their area of study.

And oh nooo I don't wanna fix my kitteh cats, they're not brokennn. That's what I always thought when I was a little girl haha but seriously I'd get all female cats and leave them unspayed (cuz they're fiesty and it makes the name sound even stranger). Just to fuck with people and make it easier at dinner time of course.

Well, I would name one Nancy cuz it's my favorite name. She would be a dog that was raised by kittens and species-confused.

Enough with my rambling I feel like I've got a few screws loose lately.

But lchance I have tried it topically and I don't think I could take the taste BLEK but I try to drink a cup of lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning whenever I can. And I was taking 30 mg of Zinc..

I changed everything when I started getting those hivey things. I didn't want to irritate my skin at alllll or an allergy to something in my vitamins or anything. I'm better as of today, no itchiness here. *fingers crossed*

Still don't know exaaactly what went on because my derm found no mites in the skin scraping test.

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