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Day 29 - "the Doctor Visit"



Well I had my first doctor visit three days ago since starting Accutane. Good news is I get to proceed into the next month on the same dosage. Bad news is that my triglycerides were a little high. It wasn't anything insane, but with it being the first month and four to go I'm worried what will happen as my body takes on more of the medication. My triglycerides were at 164 and she said they are supposed to be under 150. She told me to watch my sugar in-take, which I have already been doing?!?! I guess this means absolutely no sugar! Has anyone else had issues with this?

On another note...all my other levels are great! I am throwing my husband a 30th Birthday party this weekend, so again I will be missing out on all the fun snacks and beer. However, my skin will look fantastic, and when I say fantastic I really do mean it! I presently have no new pimples and I don't look all haggard and oily at the end of the day. It is so nice just to put anything and everything on my face now.

I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to make-up. Just the other day a co-worker and I were flipping through a magazine (we were at lunch...my job is no where near that lax) and I came across a sample of L'Oreal BB Cream. Next thing you know I am applying the sample to half my face and doing a full on foundation demonstration. Never before would I dream of putting a foreign substance on my face. I am loving this! Just hope it lasts when I am through with the medicine. I almost want my derm to up the dose so it will just nuke my oil glands completelyl, but we all know that is just not practical.

Hope everyone is still continuing to see results from their treatment!!


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Also cut down on unhealthy fats like fried and processed foods. Coconut oil, olive oil and avocado should be ok. Once you're off the drug to trigs should return to normal.

so happy you'll be clear for your husband's 30th. Can't wait for the day till that is me!

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Thank you so much for the advice...you have no idea how much every little piece of information helps me. I will be headed to the drug store tonight after work! Sasch- That day will come I promise!!

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