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A month is a long time for change...and my skin has gotten worse. It seems to just get gradually worse and worse as time goes on. My scars are very prominent, and my skin just keeps breaking out. I think I'm going back to my doctor to get a new medication....I haven't been using my Tretinoin properly though, and I just started using it more. Could that be why my skin is worse?

I've also been super stressed! My classes are crazy, I work and my family hasn't had it too well recently. I've been eating sh-t lately, and I feel nasty! I'm going to kick it up with my diet, because I need it! My body needs a detox (after this weekend ;P) I havent let my skin get to me as much, because I haven't had time!

Anyways, tonight is a short post; I still have a bit of homework to finish up.

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