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Continued Success With My Current Regimen



My complexion keeps improving. My current regimen includes five major drugs. Orally I take 1,500mg of Amoxicillin daily; I use topical benzaclin, a hard hitting blast of benzoyl peroxide topped off with a cool anti-biotic gel and I end the day with topical clindamycin which I mix with tretinoin cream at bed time.

My history with acne has been a horror story. I used to have so much cystic pustules that my face looked deformed. I used to cake on the cover up too. I am a woman you know. I also had weird "cures" that I came with on my own like steaming my pores open and then smoothing citrus oil on my face. Nuts! I know.

Now I use very normal medications every day. I think the key to my success has been having a great team of doctors supporting me. My face responds very well to treatments so I wont be using accutane but I am glad its available for those who need it.

It has taken me a full two years to beat acne down enough for my skin to appear normal. Acne-------> box.gif <------Me



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Your skin looks great! What's your plan to ween off of antibiotics? Technically if the tretinoin is keeping your pores clean you won't break out, right?

Glad you found something that works for you

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I have one flaw in my regimen. I am totally reliant on antibiotics. I have no idea what to do if they stop working. My skin gets very bad without antibiotics so I could become a candidate for accutane. I get cysts all over my face and whiteheads, its just painful, my whole face aches. My derm wants me on spironolactone but I swear it doesn't work. As to the tretinoin, it keeps my skin smooth and free of smaller pimples but the cystic acne is unaffected by it. I also use benzaclin which works wonders. I also use plain topical clindamycin. If I have to go off Amoxil and Keflex I may be ok for awhile but I am totally uncertain. Thanks for caring.

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No problem. I feel the same way about acctane - i've been on it twice before and i know i'm pushing my luck in even considering a third course but it is the only thing that has worked for me. Since you still are on antibiotics, why not give spiro the 6 months and start weaning yourself off. Also, do you take a probiotic? I highly recommend you do as it will help promote good bacteria in your gut. I personally never had much luck with antibiotics but i am thinking about Spiro if accutane is not an option for me, even though i don't thin my acne is necessarily hormonal (referring to period flare ups, PCOS, etc).

Here is to your health and continued success. Send a little bit of your luck my way :-)

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I wish I could take spiro and stay on anti-biotics but my doctors won't prescribe both. They think if I am on spiro I can't be on an anti-biotic. Thanks for the reminder about probiotics, I tend to forget. I know I need to be on a probiotic pill or eat yogurt or drink kefir. Peace.

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