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Okay, Bha And Bp



i've fussed around w bha on my back for a while now, but have not given it a real shot

i never really thought aha did much for it, though that coudl be for a million reasons

i'm breaking out right now because i'm sick (always happens) but just ordered paula begoun's resist weightless body lotion and, when that arrives, will be trying that on my right side of my back for a few weeks in conjunction with the bp to see what happens

here's hoping!


EDIT: my fear in starting anything new on my back is that, because i've made so much progress, i'm scared i will do something to reverse it. logically i understand that i can always go back to my old regimen, but i'm always scared of doing irreparable damage, or even just losing a lot of time i could have had 90-95% clear skin, as i do now.

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I had bacne for awile in like 2000. It has resolved completely. No idea why. Best of luck with the bp, I am sure it will help sum.

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