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Day 9!



Things seem to be going good so far, I am still terrified waiting for my initial breakout.

Effects so far.....

My eyes feel burning tired all the time, which I have now had two people think I was about to cry.

My forehead was really itchy the end of day 6 and when I used my regular shampoo it stung a bit, so went and bought Cliniderm. It says is is specialized for sensitive, allergic, reactive or dry scalp! So hope that will help with the itchy head. Also bought aveeno naturals moisturizing conditioner. I also do plan on soaking my hair every few days in jojoba oil to hopefully ward off dandruff. I was wondering if people get their hair died at salons on accutane and how their heads hold up?

My face has been dry, nothing unbearable but enough that foundation doesn't sit great. I used vegetable glycerine diluted with water one night and no peeling the next day. It is definitely sticky, but I do plan on spraying that on my whole body to help. Another product I found was Avene Hydrotherapy. It is for sensitive, dry skin, due to many different reasons. I bought the soothing moisture mask and got a sample of the hydrance cream which seems great. Cetophil started to sting my face so I stopped using it. Also have Dormer 211 on order, which I read a lot about from people on here. I do not have any breaking out yet, wondering how it starts? If you just wake up one day and it's there. If you have bumps on your face which I always do, do these come out? I am just praying because I do not have cystic acne that I do not get them.

Also wondering about getting nails done? I do gel nails and had a nightmare the other day I did mine and my hands erupted with bubbles and red burns. Didn't even think about a nail light till that evening.

So please if anyone reads this and can answer some questions that would be awesome.

Oh and on a side note, I do believe I have a little less patients. It is like I am pregnant again.


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yeah cetaphil stings my face too. I think i broke out the last time i used it. silly me i tried it again this morning. I think i'm breaking out again.

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I started with cetaphil when I first began my course and I hated it I felt like it made me even more dry. I would recommend Simple its a skin care line for sensitive skin or Cerave hydrating cleanser(I also use this for my body).

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