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Caveman/no-Wash Update 2 (Day 17)



Just to recap, I've pretty well been clear of inflamed/active acne since.. I guess 2011? At that point I'd still regularly get a few zits, and near the end of that year and into 2012 is when those periodic breakouts grew further and further apart until they no longer concerned me (a zit, maybe two, occurring maybe once a month or less). But during this time I still had issues with some flesh bumps/clogged pores, mostly on my forehead but also on my chin and a bit on my cheeks. My marks were also still quite prominent, although fading pretty well over time. I also was still dealing with some oiliness on my forehead and nostrils, a bit on my chin, but overall the oiliness was much less than when I was using products. I was also still having problems with dehydrated and flaking skin, especially on my cheeks and forehead (an issue which I'm sure exacerbated the flesh bumps and redness of my acne marks).

Now onto my progress....

Current Experience:

1) Oiliness is still about the same as last update, only bothering me when I become overheated and seem to look a bit oilier. Oil also still feels "drier" as opposed to greasy and thick. Edit September 27: My oil is actually a BIT more noticeable than it has been, which I assume is probably due to exfoliating, which I did a few days ago (possibly the day I wrote the entry actually? I will definitely be sure to share what happens in my next update!

2) Face still feels comfortable, no real changes here!

3) Red marks still looking less severe.

4) I did start noticing flaking, but it looked exactly as it had when I was water-only: a more "scaly" flaking that lays flatter on the skin and isn't easy to remove (and when scratched does not come off as would a build up of dead skin). However, it now seems to actually come off relatively easily. My guess is that it's either the flaking that I've had all along (for the last 1+ year) finally coming "loose" due to the skin no longer being dehydrated or due to extra sebum remaining on the skin, or I am getting a bit of dead skin build up. But when I scratch the skin doesn't collect in my fingernail so I'm leaning more towards the 1st hypothesis. I have rubbed this off about twice now, and both times the flakes rolled off my skin quite easily. My skin becomes red after this but calms down by the next day; I don't know/can't remember if it results in my face looking oilier for a few days after. Edit Sept 27: yes, it does seem to leave me looking oilier :P

5) My forehead flesh bumps are much much muuuuch better. They are getting to become far more "normal" and flat, lesser in number. Edit sept 27: I actually can't really even FEEL them other than some minor dry prickly spots that feel like my keratosis pilaris does.

6) Clogs are still an issue. Nothing major and I'm not getting NEW ones, but things that were already clogged before doing this are still clogged. It seems like they are slowly unclogging though. Especially in regards to sebaceous filaments on my nose and chin, which are less in darkness and severity (the ones on my chin started "popping out" and could be gently rolled off my face with a sweeping of my finger).Edit sept 27: my chin clogs are actually definitely looking better! I don't know if it was the exfoliation that helped but either way I feel like my chin is starting to clear up better now. I just have to wait on my cheeks clearing out any debris within some of the enlarged pores - which btw are less enlarged since going on No-Wash.

7) Absolutely no new breakouts, only one or two clogs that have become mildly inflamed from picking. Edit sept 27: I lied, I have 1 new almost-zit. It's either from exfoliating or from using body butter on my arms yesterday and the day before. I will discontinue the use of that lotion and go back to entirely water-only for my body.

I can't think of much else to say really! Overall I'm pretty happy with how things are going. Sometimes I miss the feel of water on my skin but I don't feel any less clean. I work out 3x a week at my campus gym (extending that to hopefully 5 in place of weekend workouts at home) and when I lift weights in front of the mirror I don't feel uncomfortable looking at myself anymore, which I did when I first started before going No-Wash. I may not have perfectly clear skin and I'm still oilier than I'd like to be but overall I see steady (albeit kind of slow) improvements smile.png


Recommended Comments

Please use Dan's regimen at least.

For what purpose? Like I said I'm already clear, I just get periodic zits (I have an almost zit right now, either from rubbing my face or from the lotion I used on my arms yesterday transferring to my face; I also have an almost whitehead from picking at a clog and a picked-at scabbing whitehead, and another blind spot on my chin from, you guessed it, picking. But considering that's really all that's on my face and it's almost all due to picking, I can't complain), and I have clogged pores which are clearing up. I am now finally even seeing a more evident clearing up of my chin clogs! The only real downside aside from any problems that arise from picking (a habit I really do need to learn to quit entirely) is that I am a bit oilier than I'd like to be; I do miss that "no oil" look/feel post-shower. But I also exfoliated a few days ago, and my skin always gets oilier after such a procedure so I'm assuming it will die down in a few more days and then it will be more reasonable.

I pretty much see no need to do something preventative if I'm not noticing anything that needs preventing.

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