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Starting From Week 5



Hi, starting this blog a little late at week 5, better late than never though I guess.

Little bit about me - 18 years old and live in England. Love to play sport, mainly football but also love tennis, golf and badminton. Im on a gap year at the moment and hope to go to America to work in a summer camp before going to uni. In terms of acne ive been or various antibiotics which i found did nothing. so now on accutane.

In the last 5 weeks - since when i started on 40mg per day (0.5mg per kg) I have seriously suffered IB. I mean my spots were withstandable before taking it but in the last few weeks its just gone crazy, breaking out all over cheeks which is bad coz thats where i then get nasty marks after they go down. but heeyy trying to keep the final goal in mind and trooper on through, which isnt easy. What makes it worse is I work is a supermarket atm so I always feel people are judging me.

anyway gunna try keep updating this sooooo peace out :)


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Hang in there. I am having IB too and it is so bad! I am taking a week off work and there's a 24/7 supermarket near my house that I use to buy food at 3 in the morning so no one sees me.

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Cheers nbkyrww, it sucks doesnt it! And even when the spots go down I get really red marks. Oh well had a blood test today and got follow up appointment in 10 days so hopefully I can up dosage and it start working. Been 5 weeks now and all ive seen is it get worse.....demoralising :P

amoxilworx - I havent got a clue sorry :(

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