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Almost A Year After Claravis/accutane - And All Is Well!



I'm one of the few people who had a positive experience with Claravis/Accutane and came back to share it. I used to come to this site at least five times a day, searching for positive experiences and most often it was negative ones. Turns out, it's true what people say (in most cases) - once you have clear skin, this site washes from your memory. You don't even think about it and what you went through to get to the clear skin. You just start living your life with beautiful skin and start worrying about other things:) So please, please don't assume that the lack of positive reviews means lack of positive experiences. It's just that good to have clear skin that you forget about your life before it.

I did have some hairloss at the end of the time on claravis and a few months post, and I freaked out. But slowly it started to stop coming out - not positive it all grew back, but i have no concerns about hairloss. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to share more details about my experience and/or answer any questions.



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Hello thanks for your story :) im feeling more positive now, im on day 36 atm. Has your skin remained manageable / most clearly since?

Do you use birth control now to manage your skin ?

How long in the course did you basically clear up ?

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@billz7 My skin has stayed so clear since - seriously, only one pimple. And not sure I want to even call it that. Nothing to pop, not sore, not anything like a pimple. Just a very small bump that came and went in under 12 hours. And that's it! Seriously. I am not on birth control. I am not taking anything for my skin now, or using any type of acne cream. I wash my face like a normal person most nice, and do not worry about any lotion or make up I use; no worries about my face. Which now that I take the time to stop and thing about that, it's crazy. Thinking about what would come in contact with my face as far as lotions, creams, sunblock, etc.used to be the biggest worry. Now, not even a thought. And it took me I think 2 months for my face to clear up while on the claravis. But I blogged almost every day, so please look back at that to see exactly when everything cleared up.

@andrewbleah I would say around 2 months any marks started to fade, and they keep fading. To be honest though, i didn't have a lot of red marks - I posted some pics from when I started if you can find and look at those. But now I really don't have any scars or marks from acne. Just clear, smooth skin, and pretty pore-less too, which is so nice.

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@Jedwards I know! I was addicted to the site, as well. It's so helpful that many people use the site as almost a diary to share everything with others. It motivated me to do the same. So if you all can, I wouldn't hesitate to use this site to document everything. And it's also a great thing to look back on once it's all over so you realize how worth it it all was.

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