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Day 15



so today is the start of my third week.

it seems like some days my skin looks like it's really lookin good and i get my hopes up. and then the next day it's all bumpy. so that's a little frustrating. so i'm not going to get my hopes up like that so i'm not let down. thinking back to this summer though, my face was a lot worse. so i am happy that i am making progress.

today i woke up and had to pop about 6 whitheads. 5 of them were actually just ones from last night that apparently weren't fully drained. i hate that! i have this cyst on the corner of my chin that will not quit. the stupid thing has come to a head countless times, but it won't die. damn thing. and i had a cluster of 3 big ones in the middle of my cheek which has been lovely to look at. those finally look like they're finished popping and flattening out. i had a huuuge one on my forehead last weekend that is finally about to fall off. other than that, just normal sized ones here and there.

lips are drryyy. i thought my carmex was doing a great job. but little did i know, my lips weren't really dry yet. so eventually i realized that the carmex was just sitting on my dry lips and not being absorbed. so i got some aquaphor like everybody says. i went to rite aid and they had it on sale buy one get one 50% off. so i got 2 for 5 something =) i do like this stuff. when i have it on my lips feel normal. but if i lick it off or something i can't wait to get it back on because that dry feeling is so uncomfortable. i noticed that any pimples that are in the healing stage tend to develop a thick skin covering. kind of like a scab but not. and i peel it off and am left with normal skin underneath. so i like that!

no other side effects this week. haven't had a headache in a few days. probably because i'm guzzling water now. my muscles haven't been hurting either, so that's great.

maybe i'll take a pic tomorrow!


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Every morning I use aquaphor the entire first layer of my lips come off. Also, my state sucks. The aquaphors cost like $12 each!

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Hi...I never post on here but I'm seriously thinking about accutane... my acne is very similar to yours too. I'll be following your blog and progress good luck! I think I read in another post somewhere you are an LMT? Me too!

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nbkyrww- that sucks! what state are you in? maybe you can order it online for cheaper? i noticed my lips peel too and i end up chewing the skin off..then reapplying the aquaphor...then chewing... haha it's a cycle! they don't look chapped but feel it.

skincanheal- hi! glad someone is following me =) i always think my blogs sound boring compared to others. yes, i'm an LMT! that's pretty neat =P

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