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Day 3



Hello people, so far my face has not made much process. My lips have yet to become chapped (fingers are crossed), my face does have some more dry patches, which i am used to. I am getting very impatient though, I want to see some change. But i know i shouldnt be, this is a six month process and i am only going on my third week...either way, im waiting!!

anyways, not much too say for this week, hopefully i will have more to say next week!

That One Girl Who Has Been on Accutane For 2 Weeks


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Heyy, just seen this while looking for answers myself. Hope you are okay and doing well with the accutane. I have been on it for about 4 and a half weeks now and am suffering badly from IB but it sounds like you might be one of the lucky ones that dont get it :P Just got to try stay positive and keep the image of clear skin in a few months! GOOD LUCK and remember your gunna beat it not let it beat you! :)

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Thats what im hoping, but I have heard of people who get their IB after the first month, so Im still a little unsure. I Hope all is going well for you, keep me updated!! and thanks for the encouraging words!

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