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Need Some Advice Regarding Dull Skin :(




So, this I followed DKR for 1 month and 4 days now. I mentioned in my last post that I start seeing result and my skin is getting better in a way that there are no new active acne. However, I notice that my skin is dull and when I do increase the usage of BP, the flakiness is worse and i cannot apply make up because the foundation just wont blend well into my skin :(:( I also realized that when I increase the use of BP (to one index finger amount), my skin gets really DULL and red for a few couple of days before the skin started to flake and looks very dry.

Last night, I tried to use AHA+ as a night moisturizer and I do realize that the flakiness is a bit reduce, but my skin still looks very Dull and dark as compared to my neck. When can the result of the AHA+ be noticeable since it is supposed to improve your complexion right?

PLEASE HELP :'( How to make this problem go away?????

I want my skin to glow and not look Dull :(

Is there any step of the DKR that I miss?