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Day 14 Claravis



Its week 2 and my friends are complementing me saying my skin looks better. eusa_think.gif (they dont know im on claravis.) but i think im getting an initial breakout. my back got about 4-5 new pimples in the past few days, and my face has 11 deep ones, and my neck got 3 pimples as well, but they went away pretty quick. aside from that my face is pretty smooth... it seems like my blackheads are like pushing out of my skin? the breakouts that i'm getting are seeming to go away pretty quickly.

Really dry, peeling face. VERY chapped lips. My body is super itchy. and my hair doesnt get greasy at all anymore! my hair is pretty dry so i have to put moroccan oil in it so that it doesnt dry out too bad. but on the good side, my hair is really shiny now.

I have some back pain, like when i lay down, i get a soreness in my back.

PS, when i up my dosage from 40mg to 60mg, will i get another initial breakout? thanks for comments