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My Plan B: 1 Month & 17 Days Breaking Out



I have been so busy with work lately. But I guess it really distracted me from focusing too much on my skin. :)

Anyways I have been breaking out here and there fit quite some time already. I just popped around 4 pimples (2 on my left cheek, 1 on chin and 1 on right cheek). There are still a huge cyst on my chin and a huge one coming out on my eyebrow.

Aside from the inflamed pimples that I am getting, in still trying to get rid of my whiteheads. They are really hard to get rid of!

In terms of my skin, I think sometimes my face is noticeably less oily but I'm not sure if its just the weather because it was once again an oil stick yesterday. I haven't been taking B5 4 times a day anymore because of the side effect. I'm slowly trying to work it back up after reducing it to 2 times a day.

In terms of using AHA, I'm not sure if it was AHA or my mud mask but my face was super red yesterday. I think the redness kinda got away now. My skin is peeling but it wasn't like the type of peeling I got from bp. I don't know what to expect from this regimen. Should I really switch to retin-a?