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Day 99 Update **pictures



Hey guys! sorry for the late post haha. ive been really busy with school and haven't had much time. Anyways im at day 99 and im so happy ive seen major improvements with my skin! my tone is more even, my skin is less oily and i have basically no blemishes! I'm so glad RAM is working so well! As well as retin-a micro ive changed up my regiman once again haha. Now im using a "La Roche-Posay" cleanser. it says effaclar on the bottle so im guessing thats the name lol. along with that im using dalacin and a La Roche-Posay spot treatment. its called effaclar duo *ill post photos up later so you guys can see what im talking about! smile.png anyways just wanted to drop by and do a quick little update! thanks for all the support once again! smile.png later! <3 If you guys have any questions dont be afraid to ask! smile.png just leave a msg in my inbox or just leave a comment! smile.png


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Were you diagnosed by your dermatologist as nodulocystic? I recently was and they told me my only option was accutane. They specifically didn't want me using RAM as it would damage my skin. My nodules are so deep you can't even see them for a long time, and then all of a sudden they become red and sore. I've never had these before so it's very distressing! But I'm glad to see you're able to maintain this. Hopefully after accutane I can use RAM to keep my skin looking as good as yours :)

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i was told by my family doctor, i never went to a derm. but prior to that i knew cause i did a lot of research on acne. and i was asked if i wanted to do accutane but i was scared so i asked for retin a micro instead and he gladly put me on it! everyones skin is different so maybe your body would react negatively to the RAM so the safest bet is accutane! but its not just the medication, you should think of it as a lifestyle change. stop putting that shit fast food in your body and eat healthy and i know that sometimes i give in and eat it but thats very rare! also change simple things like pop to water and greentea with NO milk and/or sugar. youd be surprised by how much of a difference you would notice :) hope all goes well! and stay strong !!! :)

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