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All The Products I Have Purchased So Far! Day 6.



Well I am thinking maybe I am on here to much! I have apparently become an accutane addict.

Here goes another one.

I went to the health food store today and purchased jojoba oil, which nearly made me faint at the cost of a 500ml bottle $60. At this point though I am not concerned, just want to keep as many side effects as possible at bay. Also I found vegetable glycerine which I was looking into and found it is actually good for acne and hair and a million different things and the cost of a 473 mL bottle was $17. The cream I was told to use was galaxal base and it does make my face feel nice, but doesn't seem to stop the peeling skin. So today I bought the cetaphil which everyone seems to like. I have not had nasal problems yet but have purchased some gel incase. Also my lips still seem to be good but when I am out I am using hemp seed oil, and when I am home I am using aquaphor. On a side note...I have always kept lip moisturizer of some kind around me at all times so applying is not a problem for me.

Day 6 effects so far my face is peeling around my nose and chin, nothing extreme but enough that I could not where my foundation last night when we had a dinner to go to. My nose is super itchy and just this am I noticed my head is itchy. Purchased Biotin as well for my hair i read people think it helped their hair. I have long, shinny, nice hair and am a bit paranoid of what is going to happen to it. Thank goodness it is sunday I plan on jojoba oiling my head an leaving it for awhile. Also going to leave my face alone today cleansed and creamed this am, but don't want to over moisturize because I know this is part of the process. Tonight I do plan on putting the vegetable glycerine on it. If anyone else has tried this let me know I am curious how it is as I haven't read a lot of people talk about it. Also I have been trying to force myself to drink as much water as I can!


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I like to use glycerin for my lips even though they're not chapped, it moisturizes wonderfully.

I like grape seed oil as a moisturizer because it's good for those with even the most sensitive skin and doesn't have a lingering smell the way jojoba and glycerin does but I would imagine they would both help too.

And good with all the water intake and all of your precautionary measures. Biotin is great and has proven to me at least that it works to keep / make my hair nice and healthy and strong, thus preventing split ends. It's also done a nice job with my nails too.

Good luck, I've never been on Accutane but all I hear is great things. ^_^

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I am really hoping for the best, obviously lol!

I have jojoba in my hair now and didn't notice any smell, hoping it will soak in fast and stop the itch, lol! We'll see. I was also reading a vegetable glycerin face mask I may try at some point along this journey.

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