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Day 24 - "whose Skin Am I In?"



It's unbelievable the transformation my skin has made in the last week! No more oily/shiny face for me rolleyes.gif . I have never experienced dry skin on my face and I am absolutely loving it. I don't even care about the flakes.

It was so much fun to go to the MAC make-up counter and letting the woman put any kind of face make up on me that she desired! This is the first time ever in my life I have worn foundation. My husband even said how great my skin looked, which he is the only opinion I ever care aboutwub.png .

There are some draw backs to the dry skin however. My issues are only self-induced. I am what you would call Obsessive Compulsive (self-diagnosed, hah!). Everything in my house is cleaned to the gills and I sanitize and bleach everything. Therefore these harsh chemicals are doing a number on my hands. I have a rash on the back of my hands right now that looks like open sores. Probably doesn't help that I am a freak about washing my hands. I have always been like this because I have always been worried about touching my face with bacteria on my hands.

My arms are peeling some too due to the dryness. As for the pimples. I haven't had a white-head in a week...knocking on wood right now! I still have the blueish bruise-like marks underneath my skin. Curious if anyone else has ever had these, and if Accutane took care of them? I have so many on my chin that I don't even know how an Esthetician would extract these without making a lot of cuts to remove them. Any advice on these would be very much appreciated!!

I had my 1 month blood test yesterday and I will see the doctor on Tuesday to find out how my insides are doing. I'm crossing my fingers I can stay on the medicine! I will post in a few days to let you know if my journey will continue. Have a good week!!


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Thanks guys! Just don't touch the whiteheads...I promise, learn from my mistake. They will just peel off lightly eventually and be nothing...its awesome!

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The bluish bruise like marks? I have had those, its just a deep cyst full of blood. If you squeeze it the blood will come out red as soon as it mixes with oxygen. Tucked safe away in yous tissue blood is blue, green and light purple.(look at your veins on your arms on the non-hairy side..see those green and blue lines, those are you veins filled with blood. The color of your blood does not become red until it touches oxygen molecules) Just ignore it, it will resolve on its own although it could take months. There is the possibility of getting a cortisone shot directly into the cyst. It is supposed to bring inflammation down.

Good luck and may the force be with you.turtle.gif

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