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Day 32 With New Treatment



I wanted to update my wee blog, its been a while! I have been busy recently with starting college and going on holiday. I went to Aviemore for a week just there, Aviemore is a place further up North in Scotland, it is freezing as you can imagine. It was good though, I enjoyed it.

College is going well too, it is ALOT to take in though.

As for my acne, well I still have my good days and bad days. My routine is the EXACT same routine as it is in my previous blog entry, however I only wash my face once a day. This is a new thing as of the past few days just to see if it will have an effect. Im still using the azelaic acid cream, I am fidning that my spots arent as red as they were, they are still there though. (i will get pictures up soon - just hate taking photos of myself)

I dyed my hair the other day, it was a home dye and I got some on my forehead so I had to scrub it off and I don't think I helped matters with my skin, I hope that is why I seem to have alot more red-ness on my head.

Today I am actually feeling a bit down, I went out last night to a hen night and was drinking obviously, I also wore some make-up. I didn't get to sleep until 2am. Today though my face seems worse than it was yesterday which really sucks, I just wish it clears up, Im getting fed up.

In terms of diet, I have tried to cut down on carbs..well bread really, I used to eat bread constantly - breakfast, lunch and dinner, yea seriously - so I have been switching to different things like noodles or pitta breads or crackers like ryvita and things. Also, for a long time I was using Alpro Soya products as dairy substitutes and well I have realised that the indegestion I was experiencing was because of the Soya, like totally, I have cut it out completely the past week and already my digestion system is feeling better. Im not bloated anymore or have bad gas. Does this mean I am or was perhaps intolerant to soy? The thing is I have started drinking cows milk again, I really struggled with the guilt I felt after having it spradically in my tea, so I made a decision to introduce it again into my diet, but I only drink it with one cup of tea a day. I do not consume any other dairy products only this 80ml of cows milk daily, we will see how it goes.

I eat generally pretty healthy anyway, vegetables with meals, reasonable snacks...I do know how to eat well.

Recently I also read up on how the body purges impurities through the skin as opposed to faeces. I still need to read more about it but I have learned that the colon is an important thing in the body and it is beneficial to have a healthy colon and have healthy digestion. There is this clay called Bentonite Clay and I have read that people who have internally digested this have had the benefit of clear skin as well due to the fact it purifies you from the inside...kind of like a cleanse? Well Im going to try it. I am wondering if this might actually help, it seems to make sense when you think of acne as a sign of improper digestion and stuff. Il keep this updated more.


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Sorry to hear you're feeling down, hope your mood lifts soon! :)

It's interesting, I always find alcohol makes me feel that way and there's plenty of evidence to suggest it can influence low moods, even if the event it was a part of was actually an enjoyable one, so maybe there's something in that...

Equally, there's definitely clear links between diet and what our skin does and I was under no doubt that the intolerance I have were triggering acne because my body could handle or properly get rid of what I was putting in. Don't stress yourself out about the diet changes. Unless you have like full-blown allergies, the odd splash of milk in your tea won't hurt. It's all about making sure the quantities are suitable for your body to handle. I used to drink boiled milk in hot chocolate almost daily when my acne was bad. I cut that out completely and it worked a treat. Now I don't drink it at all, although I expect my system could comfortably handle it once in a while, just like it seems okay with the occasional treat of the other things I cut, such as spicy (inflammatory) foods and cooked/melted cheese which I'm intolerant of.

Look at it as an education because it helps you tweak your diet and remove or reduce those seemingly innocent things which may in fact be upsetting your system, and it can have a positive influence on your complexion, so it's a win-win situation. :)

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I think you definitely need start a regimen like Dan's Regimen or proactive/ Supplement those with Amoxicilin and tretinoin. Azaleic acid wont cover everything that you need. You dont have to "live with acne". There are very effective medications available. Best wishes!

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I always like to hear your input Paul :) thankyou for replying. I know what you mean about the alcohol thing, I mean I do not drink alot - twice a month if anything and the odd glass of wine at dinner once a week - BUT every and I mean EVERY single day after a night out I feel horrible, guilty, angry at my skin, worthless...I mean isn't alcohol a depressant or soemthing? It is quite interesting how it affects my mood like this and not any other of my friends.

Im glad you knew exactly what you were intolerant to. I do think there is a correlation to my body and alpro soya products, the only thing is though is I was drinking hazelnut and almond milk aswel,l from the same brand though, and it did not have soy in the ingredients...or maybe I missed it. But my stomache isn't getting cramps anymore and Im a little more regular than I was!

I like what your saying about an education, it is exactly like an education knowing what your body likes and does'nt like. I don't have any other dairy at all just whole milk maybe once every two days.

I am still a little down, but Im gonna blog about that as its alot to write!

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