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New Pimples? Again?!



For some odd reason after 4 months now of being beautifully clear i broke out on my cheeks with four big red cysts. Im not sure if it something i am doing new, the change in weather, or maybe my change in diet (not that i changed it i just recently lost too much weight unintentionally so have been eating whatever id like to gain it back- hence a nice amount of crap) maybe my being alittle more sad for being away from a place i loved this summer and back in school which i dont so much love? I think it is a combination of all of this...but I have been relatively upbeat, happy, busy, working out...i feel good and healthy! why am i breaking out?! I have not changed anything in my wash up and medicate routine ( i do not take my clear skin for granted! not for one single moment!)



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Night: wash my face with cetaphil facial foam (specially formulated for acne prone skin), then put on aczone and alittle atralin on top then sometimes ill pat cerave moisterizer on top after the medicne dries, plus pop my birth control to keep hormones regulated and usually keep acne under control!

Morning: same routine minus atralin and birth control, but plus makeup (all non-comenogic and sensative) ... I have recently been using a new foundation that i mix with my usual clinique one.. i got it as a sample and i love how it looks on my skin and i need to check up now to make sure it is non comenogic... im afraid maybe thats why im breaking out!)

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