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Day 5 Another Short One!



I am feeling very tired today, which does not happen to me very often not sure if I didn't have a good sleep or if it is accutane. Anyone out there feel tired around day 5?

I have been loadin on my lip product since I started so have yet to see dry lips. Eyes have been fine today. Washed my face last night and put galaxalbase on it as it is starting to dry up. Wasn't greasy at all this morning. So I am getting a little nervous if my face is already this dry. Do people use aquaphor on their whole face or just lips?


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I only felt dizzy on day 1. My dermatologist recommends Cetaphil for the face. I have not used it yet because I am worried about putting anything over my acne.

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Thanks everyone! Keep me posted on what is to come for me as you are all ahead of me. I believe a few are coming to the surface, have you guys started your initial breakouts?

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