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Modifications To My Regimen



As I stated in previous blogs, my long-time dermatologist wanted to take me off Amoxicillin and Cephalexin. Her theory was that spironolactone should clear my acne completely. I got a second opinion on my doc's advice. The next dermatologist said I should stay on my current regimen which is heavy on the anti-biotics, both topical and oral. The spiro had been giving me dizzying head rushes to where I would blackout upon standing. My skin is still clear and smooth. Very rarely do I get a zits anymore. But, the moment I lay off the meds, it comes charging right back in and takes over. I hate acne and will oppose it using all defenses available to me. I challenge anyone with cystic acne to use my regimen. I guarantee you will be clear and smooth after three months. Try it or try Dan's Regimen but supplement that with an oral anti-biotic. BP works wonders and anti-biotics wipe stubborn infestations out, but the key is that it has to be Amoxil or Keflex. The other antibiotics are too nauseating and barely effective. The week I swithched from Minocycline to Amoxicillin my breakouts cleared after 12 days. I actually had a smooth face for the first time in three years. It felt wonderful. I am not lying to you, Amoxil works! And I am not being paid to say that, I just want the best for all of you and remember, sometimes a successful regimen will involve multiple meds, not just one quick fix! Never give up, a smooth face is in your future. Just remember this is a skin disease that requires daily prevention. If you and your dermatologist can sit down and talk, ask for Amoxil, ask for Retin-a, ask for Acanya (or benzaclin) ask for topical clindamycin. Ask that your anti-biotic doses be increased if your skin isnt smooth after a few weeks. Be bold and demanding until you get an arsenal of acne fighters. Thats what I did and I was well on my way to having massive ice pick and deep wound scars. My scars are fading by the force of time and normal skin renewal. My benzaclin is an amazing exfoliator. When I wash my face with light pressure, the dead skin on my face just sloughs off. I use it twice a day. If you are on a Benzoyl peroxide exclusively, use it twice a day and moisturizer only with oil free light moisturizers like cetaphil oil control (I just found this) http://www.cetaphil....sturizer-spf30/ it is perfect for skin sensitive to the sun which we all have when we use retin-a or differin. My mom is buying it for me tommorrow I am so excited.