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Dairy Free Experiment. [Start Date: 16, 09,2012]



Last Sunday i started a Dairy free Experiment.

Start date: [16, September, 2012]

I will not be eating any dairy whatsoever - whenever i can help it.

Reasons for experiment

  • Tinnitus - started a few weeks ago, maybe even months now - left ear ringing with no particular trigger i can think of apart from an association with headaches - tension in sides of head - what feels like sinus type pain ie sinusitis / rhinitis - whatever.
  • Headaches - tension - started around same time as tinnitus - feels like sinus type pain - also nose shows symptoms as well as ears being funny when under water.
  • Sinus/ nose area has never been great really - often have one nose blocked, stuffy etc - not serious more like mild rhinitis - annoying never the less.
  • May as well try again for acne just to see what happens etc.

This will be very hard for me because i eat lots of Dairy and i eat little protein, i always struggle to get in enough protein and a significant is from Dairy sources - milk, whey, quark, cottage cheese etc. So removing it will almost certainly rape my protein intake.


Bad breakout which started a few days before going dairy free calmed down and died off quite well. [most likely coincidental of course.]

Sinus - headaches - tinnitus exactly the same - no change whatsoever.

Spots still coming - slightly better to an average/ slightly better than average state.

I have been eating much less - lost a few pound etc so any slight improvement in acne most likely just lower calories etc.

Still living high stress lifestyle low sleep etc

Bad breakout in scalp noticed ~ 21,09,12. 3/4 large spots on scalp. - maybe something to do with shampoo.

Ate 2 scotch eggs 19th and 20th off Sept

4 Eggs on 21th Sept

Some home made cake - beef dripping, ground almonds, olive oil, eggs, sugar, almond essence on 21 Sept.

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