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So Confused! Why Is My Acne Coming Back!?

Liam Foster


So over the past 5 months, my severe acne had cleared up really well, not all of it but around 90%, and left me with these horrible post acne marks however which wasn't nice which i still have. However in the past week or so, i have been getting more new acne forming all over my face, and even behind my ear which is strange. Now i don't have a clue why this is happening. I have been taking doxy for the last 5 months and now i am thinking if thats wearing off now and my body is used to it. I don't eat any gluten or dairy. However i dont have a face wash plan therefore this could be a factor but i dont think its why i am getting new acne, because im even getting new acne on my back. So what is fucking causing it!!! Something is wrong with my body internally, and i have cut out gluten and dairy which is horrible but that gave my acne, but yet i am still getting it! So whats the fucking cause!! Absolutely sick to death of it now. I have had acne for 6 years now and its not on. I'm at university and not one kid has acne like me! And because i am away from home, i cant see a doctor or a derm because it will cost me and i cant afford it. So basically i am stuck. I actually thought it was clearing up a few weeks back, but nope, it has come back with a vengeance. People with clear skin who never get acne dont know how lucky they are, seriously. They can eat whatever they want, put as much shit on their face as they want and still have no acne. Me on the other hand, i cut out all the shit what is supposed to aggravate acne, take a pill to fight acne, but yet my face is just exploding with new ones everyday! Jeesh :(


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I know exactly how you feel because I have completely cut out sugar and dairy. Try eating more FIber. Raspberries are extremely high in fiber. There is more foods out there you can look up or you could always take a fiber supplement. Also try to stick to a routine, this is key you have to let your face get comfortable to the product. I use simple skin care line and neutrogenia fight and fade which works really good.Also a good note on fash face. If you have oily skin use a gel wash!!

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Doxy won't work for you forever, antibitocs are temporary fixes and don't get down to the root of cystic acne. Usually Derms will give you the runaround with antibiotcs, rotate you with differen antibiotics so that you're body or bateria doesn't get immuned to them. So theres no other way around this if you want to start getting clear again is to save some money and see a derm for a different antibiotic. Accutane is prob too expensive for you right now so just switch antibiotcs. I take Cephalexin and pay only 12 bucks for a months supply without insurance.

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