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Accutane Day 7



ok here is my 1 week picture update!

last time i took a frontal pic and it didn't really show what was going on. so i took 2 side shots today.

side effects: very tired. body is really sore. headaches.

luckily i have a massage chair. that helps a lot with the back pain =)

i find with the headaches, i'm dehydrated. so the more water i drink, the less headaches i get. i realized that taking accutane in the morning with coffee only is a bad idea. so now i get up and chug water. i drank about a liter so far (it's 7;30 am) and no headache =) i continue to drink all day, even if i'm not thirsty. cuz those headaches are nasty when i get them.

sometimes i get itchy spells on my chest, neck, or arms. not sure if this is accutane or my new kittens. lol

my bf says he definitely sees progress =) so that makes me feel good!


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It's really eerie how similar our acne is....seriously. You will clear up in time. Do you wear makeup? What brand/type? Also, do you break out everyday (just curious).

Your haircut is super cute BTW.

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ugh i hope so! i do wear makeup... neutrogena skin clearing makeup (i don't smear it all over my face though, i just dot it on the red areas) then i use a little covergirl true match powder i think? again i don't smear it all over my face, just kinda pat to matte the oily areas.

yes, i do break out every day. i used to only break out every few days, but after quitting BP at the beginning of summer... this is what my face has become =X i usually wake up with a few whiteheads and then before bed when i wash i have more whiteheads to deal with. it's definitely from quitting BP. but i don't regret it. as bad as i hate this, i'm happy to be done with smearing that shit on my face every day & night!

thank you! =) this was actually a pic i took right when i got up, so i have bed head lol. but i was actually thinking about growing my hair out! now you're making me wonder if i should haha.

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I see progress :) Good to see you are already getting good results. Has your face become Dry?

Mine is seriously getting to dry! Im getting cuts along my face too because my face cracks from how dry it is -_-*

I know! I thought I would not get the backpain but I got it 1st time last night! I could barely lay down on my bed it hurt so much! but its gone as far as today so hopefully i only get it rarely, we'll see..

But yea, drinking water Helps a lot Ive noticed as well

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thank you =) my face isn't getting dry yet *knocks on wood*. sometimes certain areas of my chin get a little flaky, but it's just old pimples that have scabbed up and they just peel off. i can feel my lips starting to dry though. i am applying carmex constantly. i really love this stuff.

after sitting in my massage chair for a half hour on monday, my back feels a lot better. but now today i have a really bad cold and can barely move i'm so weak!

what kind of moisturizer are you using? i'm using aveeno daily moisturizer at night, and aveeno ultra calming during the day.

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