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Day 2



So this is really confusing because I for sure can not post everyday, so I am just going to post once a week, which will be every monday. So when I say day 2, i really mean week 2.

Anyways, I must admit, I was very happy to see that the morning after my first pill, I didnt have any abnormal breakout and my lips weren't cracked to pieces. I guess I was just so nervous going into it, and thats what I had expected, but nope! Life went on. However, as my first full week on accutane has come to an end, my lips feel chapped, but im putting on so much chapstick that they refuse to do so (good news?unsure.png ). I have also discovered some new and bigger zits on the sides of my face, which could be the initial breakout orrr... im not sure. I assume that for now it is working. Fingers crossed.

I have many weeks ahead of me and I look forward to reflecting on the process as a whole, thanks for all the adive and comfort! I cannot tall you how much I appreciate it!

That One Girl Who Has Been on Accutane for One Week


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